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Stolojan and Stoica gave green light for liberal relaunch at Iasi

6 Noiembrie 2006
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At the event which took place in the Big Hall of the Culture House of Sindicates participated over 600 liberals and supporters. Theodor Stolojan and Vasile Stoica were accompanied by Raluca Turcan, Cristian Boureanu, Radu F. Alexandru and Mircea Iustinian. "I am sorry for what happened with PNL organization in Iasi, which reached a very high level of trust. It is situated today from what I have heard beneath the level of entering in the Parliament", said Theodor Stolojan. Cristian Boureanu: "Tariceanu copied the Adrian Nastase's guvernamental program". "Relu Fenechiu had to choose joining the group that parasites PNL or to fight for a liberal program. He chose the first path", said Theodor Stolojan about the present leader of PNL Iasi. Over 600 supporters were present two days ago in the Big Hall of the Cultural House of Sindicates where the ex presidents of PNL, Theodor Stolojan and Valeriu Stoica, have launched the new liberal platform. Those two had been accompanied by the others members of the group, respectively by Raluca Turcan, Cristian Boureanu, Radu F. Alexandru and Mircea Iustinian.
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