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Student and Professor At the Bench

17 Noiembrie 2006
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The son of the professor who had set up the University "Mihai Eminescu"from Iasi ,sued both the Faculty of Law within Cuza University and professor Ioan Macovei, affirming he had unjustly failed an exam. Radu Irimia saught a redress to the professor, which totalizes 1 billion lei(100 thousand RON),for the sufference caused by the failure. The professor is being charged with looking for "scapegoats" among the students and with being very revengeful.

Professor Ioan Macovei sustained that student Irimia had cribbed at the exam. The judges heard two universitary assistants who had been in the room during the examination. The magistrates finished the files yesterday. Professor Macovei is being charged with having made use of influence. "I do believe in this decision`s validity",dean Tudorel Toader declared.

Yesterday, the magistrates from the Court of Iasi rejected the action through which a IVth year`s student at Law within University" Al.I.Cuza" lodged a complaint against his professor for having done some serious infringements concerning his evaluation at an exam. It has been the only situation in the last years when the justice from Iasi confronts with a professor sued by his student for having failed him at the examination.

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