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Student Clinic in Germany for 400 Euros

5 Iunie 2007
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Alexandra Sunguru, a student from the Faculty of Pharmacy in Iasi, is going to do her clinic in a pharmacy of Germany, receiving a salary from the owner, Heinrich Muller. Being accompanied by a friend, the German has covered the way Odessa-Iasi by bicycle, in 6 days' time.

While the most of the students of Iasi do not have a place where to do their clinic, a student from the Faculty of Pharmacy is going to perform this in a chemist's of Germany; moreover, she is also paid for this. Alexandra Sunguru, a IVth year student at the Faculty of Pharmacy within the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Iasi has obtained a clinic probation offered by the owner of a chemist's in Germany, in a location nearby Bremen.


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