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Suicide Caused By the Stress of Work

28 Aprilie 2007
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Elisabeta Barna, aged 37, Manager at her own company, is agonizing after having tried to cut her jugular with a blade, then having swallowed 90 pills of Distonocalm. The doctors say that the main reasons which determined the woman commit suicide are stress and the work up to exhaustion. The physicians' prognostication concerning her medical condition is reserved. Elisabeta Barna was found in her house, at maximum four hours after the ingestion of the pills, by a relative who paid her a visit accidentally. The doctors draw the attention upon the major medical risks for the people who work up to exhaustion. The manager of a company of Iasi is agonizing after having tried to cut her jugular and having tried to swallow 90 pills of Distonocalm. Elisabeta Barna, aged 37, from Iasi, has been hospitalized at the Emergency, in a second grade coma. The doctors' prognostication is reserved concerning the patient's medical condition.
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