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Surgeon Stamate's Theft Openly

27 Februarie 2007
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Prof. Dr. Teodor Stamate, the head of the Clinic of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from the Emergency, is in charged with plagiarism and intellectual false. After writing a course entitled "The Scalds, Principles of Diagnostic and Treatment", Dr. Dragos Pieptu, from the clinic led by Surgeon Stamate, has found entire chapters in the book" General Surgery", by Prof. Dr. Teodor Stamate.

After talking tall that he is the greatest surgeon, Prof. Dr. Teodor Stamate copied almost a whole course of one of his colleagues' and signed it with his name, thinking he would not be discovered. His colleague, Dr. Dragos Pieptu, within the same clinic, has not only gaped at his work plagiarized by his chief himself.

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