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Ten Hours Under the Cases' Siege

29 Noiembrie 2006
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Radu Prisacaru and Flavius Ionis stayed yesterday for more than ten hours at the prosecutor's office from the National Anti-Corruption Board, in order to be presented the file where they are on charge of bribery. All the four defendants watched plenty CDs with recordings during the inquest. According to all the lawyers, the few volumes of documents presented yesterday cannot be considered cases for the four's reference to trial. The defendants appealed to their prosecution's suspension. In one week's time, it will have been known exactly whether the file is being brought to trial or not. To make matters worse: Prisacaru threatens them that he is going to lodge a complaint to DNA against the ones that have refused to give him the land as bribery. For more than ten hours, Radu Prisacaru and Flavius Ionis stayed in the office of DNA's prosecutor for being presented the prosecution's items. Even if the file is quite dense, containing more volumes, lawyer Gheorghis Mateus, the ex-prefect's defending counsel, affirmed that there was no direct evidence regarding Radu Prisacaru's guilty. Moreover, lawyer Mateus sustained that it is the defendants' interest that the file should be sent as soon as possible to the Bench in order to establish their innocence.
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