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Termo Service SA Stealing By the Penalization

25 Noiembrie 2006
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Although the law provides that the lodgers' association may levy penalizations to the owners, after 45 days from the list of payment's posting date , SC Termon Service SA can afford to calculate "the delay interests" after only 30 days. In this situation, some extra billion lei do come into the company's accounts from the inhabitants of Iasi each month. Not paying their debts, the flats of some families from Iasi have been put on sale in hundreds of cases.

The Cityhall's leadership of Iasi keep on tolerating the irregularities from Termo Service SA .
Even if the law provides that the lodgers' associations may levy delay's penalizations for not having paid the taxes in time after a period of 45 days from the list's announcement, SC Termo Service SA, steered by Cristian Andries ,can afford to calculate them 30 days later. Thus, into the company's accounts monthly come billions lei from the owners who are unluckily managed by SC Termon Service SA.

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