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Terom SA Charged With Bribery

8 Decembrie 2006
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The employees from Sc Terom SA have lodged a complaint to the Crown Prosecution Service concerning the sale of some lands and areas to the Syrian Michael Nseir. The complainants accuse the manager Valeriu Scutaru and the ex-manager from Terom, Dan Silvestru, the current manager of the Syrian's company, of having underquoted the assessments.

" There are still many experts in the company who could confirm that our estimation is the real one and we do believe that the ex-manager Silvestru and the present general manager Scutaru have applied to a death blow against Terom, determining an injury of more than two million Euros to the Romanian state", the accusatory party added.
The employees from SC Terom SA affirm by a claim that manager Valeriu Scutaru and the ex-manager Dan Silvestru have injured with at least two million Euros the company Terom SA and, implicitly, the Romanian state. The indicters sustain the lack of authenticity of the stock's value proposed for sale by Terom SA and purchased by Michael Nseir, through SC International Import Export SRL

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Comentarii (2)

Un amic.  | #3606
Nu mi-asi fi inchipuit ca Dan Silvestru sa fii putut pagubii statul roman cu 2milioane de euro,vreo data in viata lui.Halal patriotism si patriot .Deci tot patriotismul e numai minciuna si praf in ochii altora. Bravo! N-am ce sa mai comentez.
alt amic  | #3607
bravo danut, esti un mare prost si fanfaron..mori dupa functii si tu esti acum doar un biet portar la mai mare.
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