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The accessory: Surgeon Stamate

22 Ianuarie 2007
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After being shot at the hunting from Popesti by the Policeman Gelu Costin, the victim Calin Barzu was cured in secret at Dr. Teodor Stamate's residence, which is unlawful. Even if he had extracted not less than six leads from the victim's arm, surgeon Teodor Stamate did not reported anything to his superiors. This is another scandal in which Teodor Stamate is involved, after having got off from Maxx Space Files. Concerning the hunting accident which took place last Sunday, on January, the 14th, there were involved important names that tried to hide the event under the mat. First of all, it is Dr. Teodor Stamate, the head of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic from the Emergency, the one that cured the victim at his residence.
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