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The Alcohol of Rachiteni Has Evaporated

5 Iunie 2007
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The 91 bottles of alcohol from SC Doby AP SRL, the company of Rachiteni owned by Anton Dobos, the manager of the Finance Department, have evaporated overnight from the seal of Pascani Police. The Revenue Board affirms that it has no fault and that the Police of Pascani have taken no notice. "Neither on the date of 29, nor on 30 has it come anything from the Police of Pascani on our address. The Revenue Board has not levied any distraint at Rachiteni. Indeed, a crew has gone to Rachiteni, but you have not bone up enough on the subject", asserted yesterday Marian Bosianu, the head of the Revenue Board. However, the papers contradict him, because the official report number 908.596 from 29.05.2007 had been sent to the Revenue Board by the address number 908.433 from 30.05.2007. The way the investigation have been done should be taken into account by the state authorities - DNA, DGA or the Prosecution Department. After the Police of Pascani, through the Fraud Inquiry Department, took into custody and sealed up the quantity of one liter's 91 bottles of alcohol, the head of the Revenue Board affirmed that neither had he levied a distraint upon anything at Pascani, nor had he solicited any inquiry at Rachiteni.
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