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The Argument for the Anticipated Elections

14 Mai 2007
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"Base, we love you!", "Valcea votes NO!", "Alo 322, we want the president back!", "Base Superstar", "Base e cool!", "Sarkobase", "the 322 drive the country back!", "Vacaroiu President? It's a bad joke!", "we voted for him, they suspended him!", "Down with the neo-communist oligarchy!", "the Moldavians from Brasov vote NO!", "We are the people, not <<322>>!". These are only some of the slogans that could be read on the banners wore by the approximately 50,000 of Traian Basescu's sympathizers. At about 3 p.m. in Piata Unirii there were about 1,000 members and sympathizers of the Democrat Party (PD) and of the Liberal Democrat Party's (PLD), many of which wearing a flag or a scarf. At 4.15 p.m.there came Radu Berceanu, democrat senator, together with Theodor Stolojan, PLD's president, Gheorghe Flutur, PLD's executive and Dumitru Oprea, the leader of PLD Iasi. After about half an hour there appeared in the mob Elena, Ioana and Maria Basescu, the Presidernt's daughters and wife, joined by Elena Udrea, ex-presidential councilor. After a short time, there also came Traian Basescu, Emil Boc, PD's president and Adriean Videanu, the Mayor of Bucharest and Cezar Preda, PD's vice-president.
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