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The Art of Cribbing at the Exams

9 Iunie 2007
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A crib - under the skirt or between the breasts, hidden in the socks or under the trousers, registered on mobile or simply got into the examination papers- remains a success for each student who uses it at least once during his university study. By the new technologies, even cribbing emancipated, the chances for the students to be caught having considerably diminished. Using the mobile's hands-free, the cribs or the papers already done from home, written in write, with a pen without paste or with a pen with transparent ink, the papers already done from home in papyrus style or booklet style, the crib-pen are the most appreciated answers for cribbing. The tricksters' cleverness at the exams compensates their laziness for studying. For a well-done crib, teachers even give passes to the ones having tired to write them, considering the students still caught some information after an effort.
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