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The assignings that measure the costs and the consumption of the warming agent are fakes

16 Iulie 2007
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CET Iasi says that the costs for the thermal consume is not calculated according to the legislation. "In winter lots of complainings are received because of the high costs for the warming agent , more than 300. The firms that sell these assignings for messuring of the thermal consumption are to be guilt. We have informed ANRSC and the firms that do themselves guilty but with no results," declared Constantin Ciofu, director of the UFET. CET has informed these firms that, without the agreement of CET, they cannot ascend in the apartments these assignings for the thermal agent." It is a war that endure since the last year. CET wants to increase its economical capital on our account," said Dorel Bizim, one of the owners of such a firm.
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