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The athenaeum Tatarasi, the hiding place of an anarchic group

22 Martie 2008
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athenaeum Tatarasi
The leader of the anarchists is the director Benoit Vitse. The group is composed from the young employers of the cultural institute, that together with Vitse were premeditating a secret action during the Nato Summit from Bucuraset, at the beginning of April. The journalists of the daily newspaper ZIUA from Iasi began to investigate the case after that some information were revealed few days ago by a local television from Bucharest. The North Atlantic Alliance is considered the enemy number one of the anarchism. The anarchism is a movement that is born at Iasi and still continuous to exist. The group that makes the object of this inquiry is operating in a public place, nourished by public money.

The initiator, the leader of the young anarchists is actually the director of the athenaeum, Benoit Vitse, that has them indoctrinated with films against Nato. Just yesterday, at the customs check point Calafat were retained 4 boys and 2 young girls. With them there were found messages and other materials against globalization, to be used during an anarchic protest.If there is a connection between the two stories, to be continued....
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