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The Authorities' Indolence Drop Goethe Centrum on the Street

11 Decembrie 2006
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Cul-de-sac at Goethe Centrum: today, The Simionescus are being forced to obey the leaving of the building where the center works. The local authorities have been sleeping, leaving the Center homeless." I do have responsibilities, and no interest in disclaiming Mrs. Simionescu's proprietary right. Despite all my respect towards her, I really do not know what to do. I'll be waking tomorrow morning (today) with my things thrown on the street, 'cause this means obeying. Where shall I go?" declared yesterday Gabriela Linde, director at Goethe Centrum. It is the ex-mayor Constantin Simirad the real artisan of this scandal, as a consequence to the Simionescus' demand on the proprietary right, since 1992. Today, the owner Despina Simionescu is being forced to obey and leave Goethe Centrum's building from Copou, where it has been working for a couple of years.
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