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The baron of the Finances

2 Octombrie 2007
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As a director of the Public Finances Iasi, Anton Dobos has succeeded to put on a small fortune . In 2006, only from his director salary, Dobos put aside 690 millions lei . His wife, can't do worse, and between 2005 and 2006, her fortune made a leap from 282 millions lei to 518,90 millions. In the last two years, the Dobos Family bought an expensive villa in the district I C Bratianu estimated to 100.000 Euro. The bank accounts were swollen with almost 2,4 billions lei. The local newspapers made public a few times the fact that the National Department Against the Corruption put an eye on the director, and that he would be subjected to an inquiry . Dobos should explain how his firm Fene Grup succeeded to win som big contracts in the building domain.
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