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The Best Hospital 's Managers Are Doctors

25 Noiembrie 2006
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The professors dr. Marin Burlea, Grigore Tinica and Anca Trifan obtained the highest grades at the examination for the post of hospital's manager. The daughter-in-law of PNL' s deputy Traian Dobre took over the managerial function at the Hospital for Recovery, which had been forecast. Socola and Infectious Diseases' hospitals remained without manager and another contest is to be organized.

Yesterday was the last day of the examination for the post of manager- the interview- where three candidates obtained the highest grade-9,14. It is about professor dr. Marin Burlea from Sf. Maria Hospital , professor dr. Grigore Tinica from the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and Transplant and professor dr. Anca Trifan from the Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepathology. The same doctors are on the top after the final mean and the sustaining of the three tests, respectively the multiple choice test, the managerial project's presentation and the interview.

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