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The billionaires from Sei Bella will be offered higher subventions

22 Ianuarie 2007
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The billionaires from Sei Bella will be granted higher heat subventions. The decision has been taken by The Communitarian Assistance Department- DAC Iasi- which, but for the investigation begun after the articles published in the daily ZIUA of Iasi, noticed that Adochitei family is "poor". "After the investigation begun by us, related to the case of Adochita family, that is being offered subventions for heat, there was proved that its members are entitled for receiving these subsidies. Moreover, as the husband has no earnings, Adochitei family could lodge a complaint through which they declare they have been diminished the capital, so that they could correspond to a higher grant", stated Ionel Clapod, the manager from DAC Iasi. The billionaires of Sei Bella beauty salons are going to receive higher heat subventions, as they have declared on their own they do not have enough capital for paying the heat invoice.
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