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The Bomb from UMF

18 Ianuarie 2007
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A check group from the Labor Inspectorate of Bucharest is coming to UMF on Monday, in order to check the situation there. The Ministry of education and Search admits that at UMF there has been broken the law concerning the decrease in salaries of the teaching and non-teaching staffs. Monday is the deadline for the UMF's managership to pay back the money taken illegally from the teachers' salaries. "Together with the inspectors from the Labor Inspectorate of Bucharest we are also going to UMF in order to check whether there have been put into practice the measures imposed by ITM after the check from the end of the year", declared George Albulescu, the inspector general from ITM. A group of inspectors from the Labor Inspectorate of Bucharest is to come to the University of Medicines and Pharmacy (UMF)" Gr. T.Popa", for a check-back related to the illegalities found by the inspectors from the Territorial Labor Inspectorate (ITM).
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