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The Brother of the Public Revenue's Manager Accused of Alcohol Traffic

1 Iunie 2007
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A staff from the Revenue Board Iasi has sealed up and confiscated 91one liter's bottles of alcohol, having no label, found at Petrica Dobos' company. SC Doby SRL has been recently displaced from Rachiteni to Iasi. According to the current information, the alcohol comes from the Factory of Alcohol Adjudeni, Neamt County, a locality placed only 3 kilometers far from Rachiteni. The brother of the manager from the Public Revenue risks a criminal record for tax dodging. Petru Dobos is being inquired by the Police of Pascani and by the Revenue Board of Iasi. Yesterday, at Rachiteni, a staff from the the Revenue Board of Iasi sealed up and confiscated 91 one liter's bottles of alcohol, without any label, found at the company Petrica Dobos, Anton Dobos' brother personally, the manager of the County General Revenue Board (DGFPJ) Iasi.
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