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The Butcher

31 Octombrie 2006
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Aglaia Ababei ,aged 51, 6 children's mother ,suffered a shock when she found out her right hand would be amputated from the elbow, after an infection at one of the fingers. Being insulin-addicted , the infection extended rapidly .The surgeon Traian Taranu admitted his error and could not prove the treatment for his patient ."Neither can I exculpate myself in this case ,nor do I realize I the reason for not having noted anything about the patient's state in the register ."the surgeon Taranu declared. The director of ASP asked for an investigation.

A woman is passing through a real nightmare after her right hand's amputation from the elbow, because of one surgeon's incompetence .
The news about her hand's amputation was like a thunderstruck on Aglaia Ababei and she initially refused it ,finally accepting ,after the doctors informed on the possibility of even death ,increased by the infection .The surgeon Traian Taranu from Sf .Spiridon Hospital could not prove the medical attendance on his patient or what he practically did.

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