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The Case of Petrescu , from Dermatology , To rector Dragomir

21 Noiembrie 2006
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" I'm being away all the week and once having been turned back ,I'll be calling for the Professor and talk to her, seeing what has happened ", declared UMF's rector, Cristian Dragomir . The respective meeting's record can be unloaded from the site . As a consequence to the article published by the daily ZIUA of Iasi, entitled " The Stalinist Investigation At Dermatology " , the managership from the University of Medicines and Pharmacy " GR. T. Popa" affirm they do not know what is all about, even if the published article is being registered by the universitary establishment.

The daily ZIUA of Iasi has exclusively posted on an audio record where professor dr. Zenaida Petrescu , the head of the Clinic of dermatology within " Sf. Spiridon " Hospital organized a meeting , forcing the didactic staff to sign minutes by which they admitted whether they had given information to ZIUA of Iasi.
Contacted on the phone yesterday by the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi, UMF's rector , dr.Cristian Dragomir declared that it had been for the first time he heard such a thing and that he would talk to prof. dr. Zenaida Petrescu.

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