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The Chinese Goods' Avalanche

9 Ianuarie 2007
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For the following period, Iasi County might be besieged by huge amounts of Chinese textile products, without customs tariff, according to an agreement between China and the European Union related to the textile goods." This is an openly evasion accepted at a higher level than ours. As far as I know, it is about an agreement between Europe, America and China and, of course, to our detriment. Related to China, we have had a policy a hundred times better than theirs toward us. Not even two years ago, when certain rates were established, were these rates respected by China. They used to decrease the products' value at customs, in this way rolling out the state", considers Ionel Agrigoroaiei, the owner of Aya Sport. The European Union customs code seems to bury the textile industry of Iasi, by the fact that, between China and the Union there is an agreement of free goods exchange concerning the textile field, a branch where the local producers have been lately forced to manage an unfair trade competition, often supported by the government itself.
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