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The Chllenged Sub-Prefect

16 Aprilie 2007
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"In case he is confirmed today, Vasile Etcu will occupy illegally the chair of Sub-Prefect", stated yesterday Dan Carlan. According to Law no.188, from 1999, related to the state of the public clerks, only one candidate accomplished the draft criteria among the high pubic servants, and that was Dumitru Calance, as he had a whole inning of deputy. Etcu did not have all the conditions", stated Senator Dan Carlan. The Prefectur of Iasi is going to boom again, which means it is going to remain without the leaders who might be appointed legally and definitely. At least that is what the democrats affirm. If Nicusor Paduraru has no alternative, having to exert temporally his attributions as a Prefect, Sub-Prefect Vasile Etcu- who is to be confirmed today in the presence of the Secretary State Minister, Victor Paul Dobre- will be contested from the very first day of work.
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