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The Choral Competition Has Started

28 Aprilie 2007
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Today, the School Inspectorate of Iasi County started the National Choral Competition- Iasi 2007, the second edition, April 28- May 1, at the Festivity Hall from "Octav Bancila" National Art College.
Today, the School Inspectorate of Iasi County started the second edition of the National Choral Competition- Iasi, 2007, April 28-May 1, within the Festivity Hall of the National Art College "Octav Bancila".

The opening of the event took place yesterday evening at 18 pm, at "Haralamb Vasiliu" Recitation Room from the University of Agriculture and Veterinary Surgeon, and it was followed by a work meeting, to which, inside the Aula of the University of Agriculture, there took part the members of the jury and the choir masters of the 23 groups.


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