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The Commercial Agents from Megadeth Affirm That They Have Been Taken In By Their Owner

28 Iunie 2007
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Plenty dealers from SC Megadeth Impex SRL Barlad - the office of Iasi - affirm that they have been bilked with their wage by owner Lucian Stoean. The agents have resigned and owner Stoean does not at any price want to admit the real salaries. "I give you the updated debts reorganization according to the agreement signed by you. You have 440 Lei on the contract", told Stoean to Marian Rotaru. The agents used to receive about 10 million Lei (1,000 RON) monthly, even if there is mentioned a salary of 4,4 million Lei (440 RON) on the work pass. Chain demissions at Megadeth Impex SRL. After they saw they were taken in with the salary by owner Lucian Stroean, 2 drivers, 2 operators, 3 agents from Kraft department and 5 from Drinks department resigned. These had been penalized for different criteria by Lucian Stroean and the sale manager Gabriel Iacob.
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