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The Commuter Teachers of Baltati Claim Money

6 Iunie 2007
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The Free Pre-university Educational Union of Iasi (USLIP), the most important teachers' union, has instituted proceedings against the Local Board of Baltati Commune, Iasi County, for not having paid the commuter teachers. In Baltati Commune, each day, 40 teachers of Iasi who go regularly to and fro, must arrive at one of the three schools from Sarca, Valea Oilor, Madariesti. These teachers pay about 1, 5 million Lei (150 RON) monthly. After having lodged plenty complaints to the local board, trying to come to terms by amiable ways, USLIP lodged a case to the Law Court, by which they solicit that the tickets of the commuter teachers should be defrayed. USLIP solicits to be retroactively paid with 15 million Lei each teacher (1,500 RON) at least for the last year.
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