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The convicts from the penitentiary Iasi did not end the rebellion

7 August 2007
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Yesterday night, Viorel Hiliteanu and Ciprian Maftei were still protesting on the roof of penitentiary of maximum security Iasi. The two convicts want to discuss first with a representative from the National Prisons Administration and then come down from the roof. The two are complaining themselves because, in their opinion they are treated badly, while their companions of prison are privileged. Viorel Hiliteanu, 43 years, received 43 years for robbery while his friend of the pain, Ciprian Maftei, 26 years, received 26 years for crime. ". The convicts are not pleased with the conditions that the penitentiary of maximum security is offering them"` said Marius Vulpe, the director of the penitentiary
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