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The Criminal Student Was Arrested

2 Iunie 2007
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The judges from the Law Court of Iasi prescribed to arrest Alina Horeanu, the student put in charge with having murdered the man of business Daniel Mancas. "I wasn't guilty! I shouldn't be arrested. I told the judges all that happened in the flat. Today, I've accepted to submit to the Court and I'm sure that the newspapers will publish trappings related to that proposition. I continue to plead not guilty", stated yesterday Alina Horeanu to the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi. After stating this, Horeanu left the Law Court. The investigators affirmed that she was caught after she had prepared her luggage, while intending to leave the locality. The student from Medicine and the one from Civil Engineering have been acquitted of the crime of complicity to murder. We present some incendiary details from the inquiry. The judges from the Law Court of Iasi have put an end to this modern play which has been performed by Alina Horeanu for a couple of months, by prescribing her confinement. Before being arrested, in a discussion with the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi which took place behind the Law Court, Alina Horeanu stated that she told the judges everything that had happened in the flat, but that she thought she should not have been arrested, as she did not represent a social danger.
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