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The Czechs Attacking the Romanian State

24 Noiembrie 2006
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The Czech company`s representatives affirm they are going to bring to trial the romanian state, in order to recover the sum of 5,74 million dollars.The Czechs from Zelezarny Veseli are to lodge a complaint to the International Court of Arbitration from New York. One of the firms of Tepro SA`s ex-owners` are fighting with the state`s representatives for debts of almost one billiard lei.It is strange that the Financial Direction remembered only after five years about these debts." the Romanian state is indebted through APAPS-AVAS Bucharest to the Czech Firm Ferronet AS, the branch fof Prague, with 3,148 million USD, a capital put to Tepro Iasi which, without having been returned to our firm, has been sold again to Mittal Steel company",affirmed Josef Vrablik, the representant of the owners from Zelezarny Veseli.
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