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The dealer Peugeot, accused by its customers

10 August 2007
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The director of a firm from Iasi is complaining of being cheated by Serv Union Srl. He declares that he bought a car euro 4, but instead, he received a model euro 3. Victor Ciustea, the owner of Sc Trans Service Srl sustains of having discovered the fake when he went to pay the taxes for the registration of the car, and he payed 440 euroextra , because his car did not correspond to the European standards for the protectioon of the environment. The representatives of Serv Union Srl are sustaining to have respected the contract in its legal limits. "Our customer received the car he paid for . We have respected all of the limits of the contract and the car has been carried in time", said Bogdan Mustata, the director of Serv Union Srl Iasi.
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