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The Decisions of the Six One-Day Leaders

2 Iunie 2007
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The image of the Police would certainly change radically if the ideas of the juniors - such as Mihaela Ioana Plesca, the one that substituted Liviu Zanfirescu as a commandant of the County Police of Iasi - were materialized. Asphalted roads, methane, more attractive and better equipped schools, these would be a part of the measures taken by the Alina Avram, the president of the County Board for yesterday.

Cheaper clothes for pupils, this is the best measure that yesterday's manager of Iulius Mall, Andrei Marius-Ionut, would intend to take even for only one day. Being impressed by the materials presented by the press, the alternate of the Inspector General of the County School Inspectorate, Andreea Ramona Lazar, would be agreeable to assure a better security for schools, in order to diminish violence. "It is attractive to be a mayor, but a mayor always has a too busy agenda", considers the one-day mayor, Raluca Lazanu. Hospitals that could offer much better services to the patients, this is what Lucia Tenu proposed if she would be a hospital's manager.
After the competition organized by the daily ZIUA of Iasi, together with the Foundation Jus Civica, each of the six children undertook a public function for one day. Camelia Gavrila, Gheorghe Nichita, Iovu Brezuleanu, Prof. Dr. Marin Burlea, Liviu Zanfirescu and the representative of Iulian Dascalu offered yesterday some wonderful and special moments to the children. THE CHILD'S DAY, a present-competition offered by the daily ZIUA of Iasi and the Foundation Jus Civica, was hold by the mentioned people, public personalities of Iasi, who found the time for such an act, proving that there is still something childish within their soul.

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