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The Democrats Bedded In on the "Whipper- Snappers" Within the Government

16 Aprilie 2007
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The democrats accuse the parliamentary members and the liberals ministers of Iasi of praising with the funds allocated for the schools of Iasi, even though the project has been approved by PD's ex- ministers. Senator Dan Carlan warns that the new Minister of Education, the citizen of Iasi Cristian Adomnitei, could slow down the work for healing the schools of Iasi. The heads the Democrat Party's (PD) branch of Iasi have been waited for only two weeks in order to start the offensive against the Government and against the National Liberal Party (PNL), from the position of a political party of the opposition's. Yesterday, the democrat parliamentarians attacked the "pack" of liberal ministers from Iasi, but also the leader of the Lower House, Bogdan Olteanu.
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