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The diplomas signed by Niculescu are false

19 Ianuarie 2007
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As a consequence to the fact that, for more than two years the daily ZIUA of Iasi has kept on appraising the instrumental illegalities of Niculae Niculescu's from "Petre Andrei", the Ministry of Education and Research comes with a declaration that simply dynamites the smattering of credibility of the impostor rector Niculae Niculescu. " The diplomas for graduation certified at "Petre Andrei" cannot be taken into account, as the minister has not confirmed any rector to this university", declares Dan Constantinescu, the general director from the Department of Academic Education within the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education and Research confirms what the daily ZIUA of Iasi has been asserted for more than two years: all the diplomas signed by the fake "rector" from The University "Petre Andrei" are only glaring counterfeits.
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