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2 Aprilie 2007
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Deputy Anghle Stanciu's family has been blocked by the shareholders from Lactis SA Iasi in the attempt of taking over the company. The stockholders have rejected the public offer proposed by Geotop Constructii SRL Iasi and they have accused Deputy Stanciu's company, and also the one of the dealer of TGH Investment SA Iasi. Lactis' managerial staff has recently stated that Stanciu's company had tried to purchase a company with a hundred times cheaper price than the real value. "Consequently, as it has been previously mentioned, the tendered Geotop Constructii SRL, a company within a flat with an insignificant economic-financial indicator, does not represent a guaranty for the Administrative Board concerning the re-launching of the production activity", sustain in a report the shareholders from Lactis SA. The managerial staff and the shareholders from Lasctis SA Iasi have baffled the plans of the family of PSD's Deputy Anghel Stanciu related to the taking over of the most of the shareholders from SC Lactis SA Iasi. The shareholders have stated that SC Geotop Constructii SRL Iasi is nothing but a company within a flat, and the interest in purchasing the shares is a simply estate one.
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