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The Dodgers' Salaries - Unique within the Country

7 Februarie 2007
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None of the national Universities of Medicines has similar discrepancies between the salaries of the professors who should be retired and the other teachers', as it happens at UMF Iasi. Moreover, related to the similar universities, there have been maintained active only the professors who are members of the Academy.

" The professors that should be retired, members of the Academy, to whom there has been approved the work extension after the age of 65, earn as much as any other professor. How comes? To give him the permission for extension and a salary some times higher than one colleague's under the age of 65? There's out of discussion", stated Ana Birtea, the head from the Human Resources within the University of Medicines Timisoara.
No national University of Medicines permits such a discrepancy between the salary of a professor on the point of retirement, but having an extension, and of the teaching staff's (prelectors, tutors, or masters of works) as the one from the University of Medicines and Pharmacy "Gr.T.Popa" Iasi.

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