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The drugs from the Net Cafes

29 Ianuarie 2007
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According to certain young men who have been beaten in a net café from Alexandru cel Bun district, in the respective room often is hashish consumed." They were surely snorting some stuff smelled like excrements. They were shouting at us they would beat us unless we smoke. I said them that I'd better smoke two normal cigarettes, than their blah. I think that's why they started like this, because they were hopped", added Andi Lupu. Reacting in an indolent way, the policemen from No1. Section sent the two injured boys for finding out the ones who had beaten them. According to some young men who have been beaten in a Net Café from Alexandru cel Bun district, there used to be practiced the hashish smoking. Inside My Net's room, from Alexandru cel Bun esplanade, there are about 40 computers, and each night there come for a Full Night package plenty young men from all the social backgrounds.
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