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The Easy Money Failed at Iasi

10 Ianuarie 2007
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No firm of Iasi has managed to obtain easy money. The companies that either have been refused by BCR or have renounced of their own accord put the blame on the difficult conditions and on the disadvantages these credits suppose." We have dropped out because of the bank taxes. There are taxes over taxes, for analysis, for banking consulting and so on. In order to receive a loan of 400 million ROlei (40,000 RON) I should have given, for the beginning some 40 million ROlei. There is no advantage for such a poor credit. There might be a change for higher loans, but it was not a viable option for me" declared yesterday Mircea Rotaru, the representative of SC Romix Plus SRL There has been left a bad taste for the firms of Iasi that have tried to obtain the easy money from the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR). BCR refused two of the three credit records which had previously passed the filter of the County Labor Agency.
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