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20 Iunie 2007
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Marcel Hritac, the brother of the editor from the daily Ziarul de Iasi - Toni Hritac - has fully benefited by the illegal appropriations made by the mayoralty of Dumesti, upon the lands placed on the European road side, a little further from Metro trading estate. Despite the fact the villagers from Letcani had had propriety titles from 1992, the real estate trackers have reft the land, as it had been estimated to millions of Euros. In this area, Marcel Hritac took a plot of land of 2, 8 hectares, paying 14 million Lei (1,400 RON), in 2004. The price of the land in that area is of at least 50 Euros per square meter. The business from Dumesti is the object of an investigation started by the National Anti-Corruption Department and by the General Anti-Corruption Department. Toni Hritac is a very good friend of Mihai Sabaiduc's, the Mayor of Dumesti.
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