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The Evacuation from the University- the Next Step

22 Februarie 2007
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The prosecutors of the High Court of cassation and Justice dismissed as frivolous the action through which Niculescu had contested his invalidation by the Ministry of education. The sentence of the prosecutors from Bucharest is definitive and binding and it establishes the academic normality at the University "Petre Andrei", which has been grinded by interior frictions for three years. Niculescu G. Niculaie, the impostor who has proclaimed himself as Rector and owner of the University "Petre Andrei", has been brought to terms by the prosecutors from the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Bucharest. Two days ago, the challenge through which Niculescu had attacked the decision of the Ministry of Education and Research concerning the invalidation of the election through which he had assigned himself the rector was dismissed as frivolous.
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