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The Ex-prefect Dissatisfied With the Bribe`s Value

2 Noiembrie 2006
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One square metre of the three hectares that should have been received by the ex-prefect Radu Prisacaru is worth only 0,69 Euro.Although this sum is much lower than the initial one established by the prosecutors ,Radu Prisacaru contested it,affirming that one square metre `s value is only 0,06 Euro,the equivalent of 2 RON."I consider that one square metre in the respective area costs 2 RON,not 0,69 Euro,as the expert Dunareanu has evaluated it,lawyer Gheorghis Mateus declared.

Although that according to the exemination that was laid down yesterday to the "Bribary to the Prefect" Files,the square metre of the land in Metro area was rated to only 0,06 Euro,Radu Prisecaru contested the examination ,asking for reducing its value to only 0,06 Euro,approximately 2000 lei(2 RON).

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