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The Exodus towards the European Union

6 Ianuarie 2007
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In only few months, many doctors from the medical unities of Iasi, very well prepared, are leaving to work in the European Union's countries. Thus, they will earn at least five times more, benefiting by appropriate work conditions." The Ministry of Health are facing this problem with superficiality, thinking there are not leaving more doctors than other times, which is a mistake", declared Prof. Dr. Vasile Astrarastoae, the leader of the Physicians' College. Thousands of medical assistants are going to find a job within the European sphere. Consequently, the major danger is that only the poorly prepared doctors and medical assistants are to remain for the hospitals of Iasi. In a few months' time, the hospitals of Iasi could remain without the good doctors, as they are going to work in the countries of the European Union, for salaries of at least five times bigger then now, but also for the conditions they are offered within the medical unities from the European area. According to the statements of the representatives from the Physicians' College, this migration of the medical stuff's represents a danger for the local sanitary system, because the medical unities are going to remain with only a few real specialists.
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Miss S.  | #4730
Ooops, you dit it again! : medical STUFF ??????????? :))))))))))) probabil ca va gandeati la STAFF, care e o alta mancare de peste :)))) pluralul de la UNIT e UNITS nu UNITIES :)))))))))))))))))))))
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