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The Finance, to Salvastru's Order

3 Martie 2007
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During the inning of the Ex-prefect Radu Prisacaru, the County's Funds turned into an annex of the Prefecture, which solved him the political conflicts. An estimation of the number of controls done by the Revenue Service last year to the order of Valerian Salavastru- the direct subordinate of the ex-prefect- proves that each inspector from the Control has worked for the prefecture's institution. In this way, the Inland Revenue inspection has been deranged by the political interventions. Not less that one of five checks solicited by other institutions to the General Department for the County Public Finance (DGFPJ) Iasi have been done to the order of the Prefecure of Iasi, through valerian Salavastru, the right hand of ex-prefect Radu Prisacaru. A simple computing shows that, in 2006, from the 3907 solicitations of the other institutions, to these inspections, 19 per cent of them have been of the Prefecture's.
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