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The First Challenge for the New Minister of Education

5 Aprilie 2007
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In order to cover the illegalities committed by the management of UMF Iasi, the Manager of the Budget- Finance General Department, George Ghelmez, has ignored the legislation in force and he has made an address towards ITM Iasi through which he proves how poorly prepared he is related to the domain of labor legislation. After the control performed by the Labor Territorial Inspectorate (ITM) at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) "Gr. T.Popa", in December, 2006, George Ghelmez . the Manager of the Budget- Finance General Department within the Ministry of Education and Research (MEC), went to bat for the university's managerial staff, ignoring the legislation in force. But for this, the leadership of ITM Iasi has lodged a complaint to the ministry, disclosing all the illegalities discovered at UMF.
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