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The fiscal matrioska

16 August 2007
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The journalists from Ziua from Iasi succeeded to enter in the possession of some documents that, submissived at the atention of the inquest institutions can compromise the fiscal empire of Constantin Comanescu, that holds a large number of shares that belong to 20 trade enterprises. His businesses are hiding one into the other like the Russian dolls, called the matrioska. The businessman does not recognize to have any connections with the society Black Company Srl and more than that he declared of not having ever heard this name. According to the existened documents the firm Auto Remat Srl, that has like owner the same mister Comanescu has delivered merchandises of 300 hunderds euro to the society that he claims he doesn't know. Between 2002 and 2003, the enterprises of Comanescu had like purpouse the scrap iron and that's why , mister Comanescu came also called the king of scraped iron.
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