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The Fortune of the Managers from the Internal Revenue Service

12 Martie 2007
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With or without good results for the institution they represent, the wealth of the managers from the Finance Department took wings last year. Manager Anton Dobos did the trick with the villa from i. C. Bratianu, Deputy Relu Fenechiu's District, a villa which cost Dobos approximately 65,000 Euros. The earnings of the heads from the internal Revenue Service of Iasi have increased in one year as others in ten. Since her husband came to manage, Camelia Dobos has earned with 236, 82 million Lei (23,682 RON) more than in the fiscal year 20005. In this way, the earnings of Anton Dobos' wife in 2005 were of 282,08 million Lei (28,208 RON), while in 2006 these increased very rapidly, amounting to 518, 90 million Lei (51, 890 RON). With this money, it is easy to understand how the two husbands could afford buying a villa in I. C. Bratianu District, built by PNL's Deputy Relu Fenechiu.
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