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The Frauds on the Communist Estate

26 Iunie 2007
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The financial illegalities from the Railway Hospital are being on in full view of manager Dinu Chirculescu, the son-in-law of the ex-security officer who used to coordinate the whole Militia of Iasi. Manager Chirculescu would be a PCR's secretary at Tehnoton enterprise for years, terrorizing the workers that he would tell off anytime he had the opportunity.

As he faithfully served the Romanian Communist Party, Dinu Chirculescu was promoted as an accountant at the Railway Hospital and then as a general manager. The company's accountant, Rodica Lupu, has registered the sum of 3,4 billion Lei from the hospital's account to her personal account and the illegal increase in her salary, from 7 million lei to 70 million lei is still being investigated by the policemen. Manager Chirculescu has not informed the Ministry of Transport, invoking he does not agree with the conjuncture in which he has been involved.

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