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The Gibe of the County Council Stanciu

8 Februarie 2007
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After having bought a retroceded building on No 78 Pacurari Street, Cristian Stanciu- the son of PSD's Deputy Anghel Stanciu- wants to leave on street the 80 year old tenant. PSD's County Council Cristian Stanciu is going to move the old man into a room whose damp walls are falling, which has no windows and a roof half collapsed. This is happening despite the fact that Law no. 10/ 2001 stipulates that all the tenants of the retroceded houses have the right to live inside the respective buildings for five more years. Cristi and Anghel Stanciu prove in this way that they do not have any connection with the social-democrats. An 80 year old man is being simply mocked at and thrown away on the street by the son of PSD's Deputy Anghel Stanciu, Cristian Stanciu- the County Council from the same political party, whose members sustain each and every day they fight for helping the needy people.
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