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The grandchild of the president Basescu earns money selling wind

3 August 2007
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The grandchild of the president Basescu, Claudia Ursu, works like an advisor for a firm that is activating in the field of wind energy . Now she is trying to convince an italian enterprise about the benefits of this type of energy. In 2006 the firm wanted to buy some land to build special parks where this energy could be produced . Near Iasi , in a village called Dumesti, it has been placed the first anemometer, a special tool, that measures the speed of the wind.

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Spuneti-i traducatorului in engleza sa se lase de treaba ca e VARZAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! La nepot de la frate sau sora se spune NEPHEW sau NIECE. Grandchild inseamna nepot pe linie directa si ma indoiesc ca Basescu e chiar atat de batran.......... :)))))))))))))))))))))))
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