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The Hoax for Great Britain

4 Aprilie 2007
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Hundreds of people got a smack in the eye after having given money to a company of Iasi in order to leave for work to Great Britain, within the agricultural and building domains. The company Solitar VR SRL Iasi was not accredited and did not accomplish the legal conditions for selecting, mediating and placing the labor force abroad and, at the Trade Register Department it was registered on the point of being judicially disbanded, while as a manager there would figure Anca Luiza Vasluianu. A company of Iasi, Solitar VR SRL, which has promised them jobs in Great Britain, within the agricultural and building domains, has hoaxed hundreds of people from all the Moldavian counties. After each person paid 200 RON, the people should have been called to the company in maximum two months' time, in order to pay another sum of 3,000 RON, a kind of guaranty that they would not give up the job that the company would have offered in Great Britain.
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